Frames and furnishings

For years, Meli Piero has created hand-crafted frames that are the result of skilled and highly-trained hands.

Our company seeks quality and elegance at every turn to offer customers only the best quality frames, furniture and accessories to bring out their personality, style and character at home. Combining traditional techniques and first-class materials results in frames made in classic or modern design, baroque and sophisticated frame designs, or simple and essential lines.

The company comes out of precious items that are distinguished by their original and sophisticated design. Precious and elegant, wood is a material that can give warmth and refined nuance to the walls of the home, enhancing the beauty of paintings, prints and photographs. We offer multiple finishes.

Our articles also represent an original and contemporary complement to furniture, ideal for example: mirrors, posters, photographs, attestations and diplomas.

Make the most precious moments of your life truly unforgettable giving your photos pride of place, with frames created by Meli Piero.

We select the best materials for all of our high quality products. This makes it possible to create excellent frames, always respecting ancient crafting traditions using the most modern technologies.

Come and visit us in Pelago, in the province of Florence, and view our wide range of high quality products: modern and colourful designs, table photo frames, ethnic mirrors, hand-decorated or silver-plated frames.

We are able to recreate every style, from classic to country, working with the most modern lines and colours, with vibrant colours or using metallic dyes.

Piero Meli specialises in the creation of artistic frames for paintings and photo frames, but also deals with embellishment of wall clocks by creating real wall-mounted wall clocks for different rooms of the home (kitchen, living room, bathroom …) depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

Have a look at our range of wooden clocks and clock frames as well as attractive clocks for your home.

Meli Piero Cornici also offers a wide range of geographical maps to suit all tastes.

Empty frames



Frames with printed art

Our frames are able to enhance color prints and art prints with the naturalness of wood, with shades that alternate bright colors, delicate pastel tones, and the metallic and antique touch of gold and silver leaf.

The frames embellish reproductions of famous paintings and artistic prints on fine paper. Meli Piero offers a wide variety of prints and reproductions of paintings and represents the great Italian quality in the craftsmanship of decor items.

You can choose between artistic prints, high quality painted reproductions, and countless custom frames, each customisable according to your needs. We offer reproductions of works of art by famous and contemporary artists and prints with retouchè technique, and hand-retouched prints to make the print more realistic and faithful to the original, without repainting it completely.

Frames made to measure

Meli Piero Corniciis able to recreate every style, from classic to country, reaching even the most modern lines and colors, with intense colored paints or using metallic shades. We create customized frames, completely made to measure. You can choose the type of wood essence, the workmanship, the color and other details.

We can make custom frames in every style: classic and traditional, rustic or antique, modern or naive. Particularly requested is the processing in gold and silver leaf because it adapts to any environment and is emphasized to every subject.

Our staff creates customisable frames for color and size, achievable with any type of material: wood, silver, root wood or gold leaves. We can make simple or very valuable frames.

The frame shop Meli Piero of Pelago (FI) is the ideal partner not only for art lovers, but also for: interior designers, designers, gallery owners and individuals.

Inside the workshop, expert hands of craftsmen give life to products of superior quality, created to frame the most precious works of art in the best possible way. Our frames are curated with detail. This is the secret of our success: quality, attention to detail and experience.

Frames tailored to every need

Contact us at 055 8316838 and request the creation of a personalized frame. We will design a product that meets your needs. Dress your home with us in an elegant way, with style and Meli license plates.


Consult our catalog and come and visit us directly at the headquarters in Pelago, in the province of Florence. We will show you how to create original frames, perfect for a different and unique gift idea. Frames and furnishing objects made with skilful gestures and great precision; from carving to sanding, Meli Piero will be able to deliver in your hands creations that are intertwined with the ancient traditions of carpentry and cabinet making.